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The National Network of Opportunity.

Opportunity Zone Association of America (OZAA) is a nonprofit, national platform for industry stakeholders to connect, learn, and advocate.  By connecting local stakeholders with national resources, relationships, and discussions OZAA promotes the stability and success of the Opportunity Zone industry.

Upcoming Event

Opportunity Zone Community Conversation:

Strategies & Advocacy

October 23, 2023 | Portland, OR

Join us for the OZAA Grassroots Advocacy Meeting, where Opportunity Zone leaders, economic development professionals, and representatives from local and state governments will gather for a day of networking, business development and education. This in-person event will take place at the Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel in Portland, OR, USA.


What are Opportunity Zones?

Learn about Opportunity Zones and the benefits of investing in them.


How do I learn more about OZAA?

We focus on engaging Opportunity Zone neighborhoods and communities, offering opportunities to connect, learn, and replicate best practies through a national network.


Drive The Future of OZ Investment

OZAA drives the national conversation about Opportunity Zones and convenes policy stakeholders to influence key legislative priorities.s

Strengthening Communities.

Energizing Economies.

An association’s purpose and the greatest benefit it offers its members is a space to come together and argue, debate, support, cajole, discuss, share, and decide. Associations’ rosters are filled with people and companies that are part of the same industry. They share the same industry goals, but assuredly differ on how to achieve them. The association facilitates and harmonizes a common voice to deliver the industry’s message, its priorities, and its image to audiences including the media, policy makers, like-minded and differing associations, and of course new members. All the while the association weaves together its varied members to learn from each other, develop new growth opportunities, and strengthen their profession.

I am proud to be OZAA’s executive director because it is fervently striving to provide this greatest benefit. Out of the gate, OZAA is reaching out to Opportunity Zone funds, investors, supporters, and community beneficiaries such as economic development offices, chambers of commerce, and community non-profits.

These varied interests are all driving toward a robust Opportunity Zone industry and I welcome the shared information, varied perspectives, several ideas, and perhaps even heated debates to be sure it happens.

Welcome to OZAA!

– Aaron Grau, Executive Director

October 31, 2019

Investing in Success Workshop for Community Leaders

November 1, 2019

OZAA Roadshow – Pittsburgh Opportunity Zone Catalyst Event

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